More on doors and windows.
Doors have also become a major concern in protecting your home from hurricanes. Not really the structure of the door itself but the installation and glass protection for doors with glazing such as French doors and sliding glass door. Here I will admit that the cost for impact glass will be much more than that of a door with just tempered glass and shutter systems. An example of price differences from impact resistant glass compared to tempered glass with a few different shutter systems are shown below.

Impact resistant sliding glass door 9': around $3,700.

Tempered sliding glass door 9': around $1,800 plus basic steel shutter system, $800.00 or plywood shutter system, $100.00. Different shutter systems are available and Florida approved but at higher costs.
                                    Totals without installation (estimate only) would be around:

      Impact resistant sliding glass door 9'- about $3,700.00.

Tempered sliding glass door 9' with basic steel shutter system: about $2,600.00.
     Tempered sliding glass door with plywood shutter system: about $1,900.00.
>Add a min. of $300.00 for most shutter installations.

As you can see the impact resistant glass doors are more expensive but hassle free.
     Basic steel shutter systems are less costly but they need to be stored and installed every time we are threatened by a hurricane.
     Plywood shutter systems are the least costly but they also take a lot of storage space and are considerably harder to put up when a hurricane does show up.
Also there are now new tax breaks for windows and Doors that meet the required energy efficiency ratings.
Also check out My Safe Florida's home page to get information about their program that helps you pay (if qualified) for upgrading your doors and windows, I am a participating contractor and will help anyway I can. Contact me with any questions. Mike Davidson Construction LLC.