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"Participating contractor in the in the department of financial services, My Safe Florida Home Program"
Door and window replacement have become one of the most important aspects in the remodeling business. Protecting your home from the unpredictable Florida weather due to hurricanes and tropical storms that seem to target us, Florida codes have become increasingly more difficult to deal with both manually and costly. Its not that a contractor wants to charge ridiculous prices for a change-out but codes and window prices for impact resistant glass and shutter systems are now mandatory and I might add with justification. Most damage to your home during a storm is due to water damage, having the proper protection will decrease your losses considerably not to mention the insurance companies. That is why most insurance companies will give a discount of your premium when you install proper windows helping you to recover your cost. Proper installation is also mandatory, no more glue and a couple screws technique which has been practiced in the past. Windows have to be installed as per manufacturer's specifications. Why? Because that is how they are tested and known to withstand the pressures and impact from debris that can come from tropical storms and hurricanes. I advise all my customers to choose impact resistant windows, they are the most expensive but well worth it for two main reasons. 1). They do not require a shutter system which usually will end up costing as much or more than the impact resistant windows and you don't have to rush to get them installed while the storm approaches and then turns away at the last moment. Plus you don't have to worry about where you're going to store all those shutter pieces. 2). they are the Hercules of windows detouring burglars from entering your home through the windows. So if you loose your keys don't expect to break in through your windows without a big hammer and a lot of noise.
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